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We are offering a wide range of DO Electrode to our clients. Depending on various needs of the clients we provide electrodes with standard quality and also customize as per the requirements. These products are available in market at competitive rates to our customers.

DO Electrode

Item Code: O25-series

Abiding by the norms & standards of the organization, we have been able to provide the customers with a comprehensive assortment of DO Electrode. Extensively used across diverse industrial applications, the range is widely appreciated by the clients for high accuracy, excellent performance, reliability and low maintenance.

Available in a wide spectrum of sizes & specifications, the range comes with the following specifications:

  • Body: 25mm socket/pg 13.5 mountings
  • Version: SS body steam sterilized electrodes

Available lengths:

  • 120 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 220 mm
  • 320 mm

Autoclavable DO Electrode

Item Code:027-series

In order to fulfill the changing demands of our clients, we are offering Autoclavable DO Electrode. These are fabricated by the professionals making use of high grade raw material along with advanced technologies. Catering to the specifications of clients, we provide them customization of our products.


  • Galvanic & polarographic versions
  • 10mm dia glass body with detachable lead connector
  • Non temperature compensated
  • Electrode lengths of 120, 170, 225 and 325 mm

Laboratory DO Electrode

This series of cost efficient Dissolved Oxygen Sensors is designed primarily for portableDissolved Oxygen meters. The rugged construction, and easy replacement of membranes make this type of electrode ideal for field applications. The sensors are available with different outputs, cable lengths, and body designs. Various temperature compensation elements are available for units with this feature. Special designs and outputs are available upon request.

Glass Body Dissolved Oxygen Electrode

This series of steam sterilizable electrodes are designed foreconomical use. They are constructed very similarly to thestandard pH electrode, and have a 10 and 12mm body, andcan be ordered with the desired “H” length. The “H” length isdetermined by the insertion depth on the under side of thefermentor headplate to the tip of the probe. Glass disposableelectrodes are available in both polarographic andgalvanic styles to fit all requirements. The glass DO probes are available for laboratory fermentation,where sterilization takes place in a separate autoclave.The disposable Van London - Phoenix Co. Dissolved OxygenElectrodes are compatible with most common oxygenamplifiers. Glass body oxygen electrodes are non-temperaturecompensated and are required to be kept at a constanttemperature. Calibration must be made at the same temperatureas the controlled fermentation. The electrodesfeature external filling tubes. Electrolyte can be addedduring use without removing the electrode from the vessel.

The electrode membranes can be replaced very easily.However, some skill is involved in replacing them.

Product Range

  • pH/ORP/DO

  • Conductivity

  • Temperature

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